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Dr Dean offers medico-legal services to LEGAL PROFESSIONALS ONLY. Other people requiring medico-legal advice should consult a lawyer or a suitably-qualified legal advisor.

Dr Dean is pleased to receive instructions from legal professionals to assist Courts as an expert witness and to provide medical reports for civil claims (compliant with Part 35 Rules), including clinical negligence, and for human rights, professional regulatory body hearings and criminal cases (compliant with Part 33 Rules). In the course of providing these services, he is willing to travel anywhere in the UK, including prisons, for consultations and meetings; he may also be prepared to work overseas, by special arrangement.

His medico-legal expertise is within the field of physical and psychological aspects of sexuality and sexual function, in both men and women, and its relationship to ill-health and injury. He is pleased to offer evidence-based opinion on matters of breach of duty, causation, and injury and its consequences, including future treatment costs.

He is willing to have brief, confidential and informal discussions with legal professionals about cases, in advance of receiving formal instruction, without charge.

Please send all enquiries regarding medico-legal services by e-mail to .

Dr Dean's Terms of Engagement for civil claims work may be downloaded here.

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